Your Impact

Your prayers, donations and volunteering are making a huge difference - empowering the people of South Sudan to help themselves.


Maker, patient

One of the most difficult problems in South Sudan is malnutrition. Children who aren’t adequately fed the right nutrients often fall ill, as was the case with Maker, a boy in his early teens.

Maker lives with his family about four miles away from Memorial Christian Hospital. When he fell ill, his village didn’t know how to help, but decided to try treating him by burning his forehead and shoulders with a sharp piece of red hot metal. He still continued to lose weight, becoming weak and nearly dying.

Finally, the village brought him to the hospital, where they diagnosed him with malnutrition. After being fed supplement food provided by UNICEF for two days, he began to get better. By the fifth day, he was able stand, and he was well enough to go home after one week.

He returned, months later, bringing a goat as a gift to the hospital to show his gratitude. His family are farmers, and the few goats they have are prized possessions, crucial to the family’s survival.


ethan, volunteer

My name is Ethan Bowman, and I went to South Sudan on a missionary trip when I was 15 years old. I only went there for a week, but I was impacted in a massive way. Going over to Southern Sudan made me realize just how great that the need is for medical supplies. So when I got back to the states I raised over $1,500 for PCC, and decided to help them in any way that I could.


Abraham Maduk, staff

Hired in 2013, Abraham is the senior nurse who runs the Satellite Clinic in Bor, the busiest clinic that Partners in Compassionate Care supports. In any given month, he will see and treat well over one thousand patients. He never turns anyone away, even if the patient comes to the clinic when Abraham isn’t working. He lives in Bor Town with his wife and children, and he loves the work he does in the clinic. He only needs his salary of $400/month, the tools and the medicine to do his job.


Thank you to our partners

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treats 50 children with bacterial infections.

treats skin conditions in 70 patients

treats 10 patients a month with diabetes.

treats malaria in 35 patients

pays for heart medication for 20 patients for a year

pays a nurse's salary for a month

pays a doctor’s salary for a month to treat 1200 patients

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