Time for Farming in Werkok

Farming God's Way demonstration plot.
Farming God's Way demonstration plot.
Newly ploughed land around the MCH compound.
Newly ploughed land around the MCH compound.

The rainy season is the time to raise crops in the village of Werkok. The challenges of insecurity over the last year have caused a severe food shortage, and it is very important that the agricultural season is successful this year.

To help meet the need of both the community and Memorial Christian Hospital (MCH), the staff decided to ask the government for some help. Two tractors were sent to the compound and the majority of the unused land was tilled to prepare for planting. The land was divided up into plots that each MCH staff member would care for. Some land was also provided for the general needs of the hospital compound and other land was made available to members of the community.

MCH Farm Manager, Michael Maguet, also make a demonstration plot utilizing the Farming God's Way techniques he learned during his training with Partners in Compassionate Care board member, Dan Janzen, last year. He planted okra in the demonstration plot and plans to compare the results with the okra planted in the traditional manner.

Sudanese Gather for 2 Days of Prayer in South Sudan

Last Saturday and Sunday a meeting was called for all Sudanese to come to historic Zion Church.  This is the Church that was built in the early 1990's where the Sudanese came to burn their idols and decided to worship God. This site is just 1 mile from MCH.

Last Saturday and Sunday, 2 big days of prayer were held at Zion Church.  Many Sudanese came from Bor, Juba, refugee and Internally Displaced People (IDP) Camps to pray at Zion Church.  Former Bishop Nathaniel Garang, local leaders and Government Officials from Bor and Juba were also present.  This meeting was even broadcast on South Sudan TV in Juba.

The Government and County authorities told the Sudanese that they are thinking of closing shops and other things at the IDP Camp so that Sudanese will go back to their rural villages.  Deng Alier, who sent me this information, said as he passed MCH on his way to this meeting at Zion Church, it was so sad for him to see MCH sitting idle without humans.  PCC has talked with the Staff about re-opening MCH as soon as Michael returns from Juba with the used vehicle to replace our old one that broke down.

This past Monday, a record of 150 Sudanese were seen at the Clinic that MCH is running at Pastor Stephen's Mission Garden of Christ.  MCH is also running a Clinic in the IDP Camp across the Nile River from Bor.

The Minister of Health for the Jonglei State, recently told the MCH Staff that Sudanese have said that the Memorial Christian Hospital is the best Hospital in the entire Jonglei State.  Please pray and ask God to provide added strength to our Staff as they treat and minister to the physical and spiritual needs of Sudanese who come daily to these 2 clinics.  Please pray that God will continue to supply PCC with the funds needed to continue bringing Hope and Healing to Sudanese as the Memorial Christian Hospital will soon be reopened.  Many Sudanese have been seen will be needing surgery which we cannot do at the clinics (another reason we need to reopen the hospital).  Pray that lasting peace will soon return to South Sudan.