New Malek Clinic Opens!

It has been a longtime goal of Partners in Compassionate Care (PCC) to support a village in opening their own self-sustaining clinic, and now that dream is realized. It has taken many months, but the village of Malek has prepared a building that is now a clinic operated under the guidance of Memorial Christian Hospital (MCH) and the Malek Diocese. After a few finishing touches the week before, the Malek Clinic opened on November 2nd with much joy and celebration. Children from the Malek Diocese Choir shared song and dance that brought tears of joy to those in attendance. The Mayor of Bor attended the celebration as well as many other regional dignitaries.

41 patients were seen on opening day and 61 on the next day. The clinic is staffed by Abraham Maduk and John Garang from MCH who provide diagnosis and treatment for most conditions and refer those needing additional services to MCH or another facility. The village provided the building for the clinic and PCC provided the start-up supplies and staff. The clinic will be sustained through patient cost sharing. If this project is a success, it may serve as a model for other villages as well.