Celebrating a New Decade of Ministry


PCC founder, David Bowman, will lead a notable team of first-time visitors to Werkok, South Sudan this week. The team includes two doctors, a nurse, a business consultant, a news reporter, and several non-profit leaders. Bowman, at 78 years old, is making his 16th trip to South Sudan and looks forward to celebrating a new decade of ministry with the arrival of the region's first x-ray and the reopening of the surgical suite in Werkok. Bowman says that he looks forward to meeting with the Memorial Christian Hospital staff, the community leaders, government officials, and others in a public celebration on April 3. "We will celebrate God's provision of this x-ray machine and the work of MCH that has saved thousands of lives in the past decade," says Bowman. "We also will be seeking God's guidance as we begin our 2nd decade of ministry."

Please pray for each member of Bowman's team, which departs March 28:

Cassandra Arsenault: Fox News Reporter and Journalist Erika Bauer: Registered Nurse Blodgett Memorial Hospital Intensive Care Unit Timothy Bauer: Founder, Capstone Ministries – www.capstone-ministries.com David Bowman: Founder of Partners in Compassionate Care – www.pccsudan.org Scott Bowman: Clareo Partners - www.clareopartners.com Mary Brown: Founder of Sow Hope - www.sowhope.org Dr. Kevin Laser: Severna Park Md. Dr. Pam Ogor: Family Practice Doctor - Milwaukee, Wi. Dr. Jeff Stam: Founder of Set Free Ministries – www.setfreeministries.com