Hospital in Werkok is "Operating" Again


The hospital was evacuated on December 30, 2013 and has since been seeing hundreds of patients everyday in mobile clinics in multiple locations. A few months ago, the staff began the process of reopening the hospital. First came the clearing of the tall grass from around the compound. This is a bigger project than getting out the lawnmower. First you cut the 4 foot tall grass with a machete, then you have to burn what's left. All while avoiding snakes, scorpions and spiders.

Next came the evaluation of the buildings and services. We found that bats had infested the hospital, dogs and destroyed the satellite system and everything was dirty - really dirty.

The work has been worth it. The hospital in Werkok is now operating (actually performing surgeries) once again. In patients are also being accepted at the Werkok facility.

The need for the mobile clinic in Bor remains high, so the staff is currently rotating between the two locations to best serve the community.