Stewardship Program in Malek


Dan Janzen, PCC Board member, and Michael Maker, MCH Farm Manager, recently visited with the diocese of Malek. This meeting wasn’t about healthcare, however, it was about agriculture.  When the meeting was initiated they were told they were the first group to meet with their newly establish diocese. This meeting resulted in an invitation for Janzen and Maker to return to the village on Tuesday, February 17th  and conduct a training on stewarding the resources God has given each of us. While the program is geared around agriculture, it is taught in such a way that students naturally begin looking at every area of their life as a gift from God for which they are responsible.

Janzen has taught Maker how to conduct the training, which they’ve done at least a dozen times together, and now Michael teaches the program himself in his native Dinka language. “It’s far more effective to have Michael teach, since he doesn’t need a translator,” says Janzen. He goes on to explain how important it is to equip young leaders like Michael with the skills to teach others rather than always having a western face at the front of the lecture hall.

More than 60 farmers from Malek attended the training taught by Janzen and Maker on February 17th. The program concluded with each attendee receiving a packet with a variety of vegetable seeds.