X-Ray Update!


Our year end emphasis is to raise the balance needed to send a portable x-ray machine to Memorial Christian Hospital in Werkok, South Sudan. This will be the only x-ray machine in Jongelei state (approximately 1.25 million people reside here).

The initial donation came from Spectrum Health when they donated a complete x-ray room set up to PCC. We then worked with Block Imaging to give this equipment a second chance at life. They advised us to keep some of the equipment (saving approximately $40,000) and to trade in the remaining equipment for a machine that would be more appropriate for South Sudan.

So we ordered a portable x-ray machine, simple to operate and designed to stand up to harsh conditions. In fact, this is the same equipment used by the military. The unit comes with spare parts and will be easy for our staff to install once it arrives.


This machine, as well as the CR and spare parts, are crated and ready for shipment to South Sudan. We are also interviewing Sudanese who can be trained to operate the x-ray so that the MCH doctor can have access to vital diagnostic images and better serve the Bor County region.

Our goal is to raise $44,000 to cover the cost of the balance of the machine, air freight delivery, maintenance for the first year and the salary of an x-ray technician for the first two years. As of mid-December, we have gifts, pledges and pending grants to cover more than half the goal.

If you'd like to help send this x-ray machine to South Sudan, please click here and designate your gift "X-Ray".

*Online gifts made from December 17 - December 21 will be increased by 3% by a matching grant from our gift processing vendor.