1.25 Million People Waiting for an X-Ray!


Our year end thrust is to be able to send a brand new portable X-ray machine to South Sudan, to be installed at MCH.  Spectrum Health donated the CR, the part that turns the X-rays into digital images, as well as half the cost of the new x-ray machine.

Now we need your help to get this machine to South Sudan.

The new x-ray machine waiting to be shipped to South Sudan.
The new x-ray machine waiting to be shipped to South Sudan.

When this equipment is installed at MCH, it will be the only x-ray for 1.25 million Sudanese living in our service area in South Sudan!!  It will help save lives by giving our doctor the information he needs to properly diagnose patients. It will also help MCH generate additional income towards becoming self-sustaining since people who can afford to pay for their treatment will pay a fee for the x-ray service. We’ve already seen this proven by the revenue generated from our ultra-sound machine.

We have a former Sudanese "Lost Boy" who trained to be an x-ray technician here in the States, and he is willing to return to South Sudan and work at MCH. He wants to give back to his own people as the nation learns to be independent and free.

In order for PCC to accomplish this year end goal, we need to secure $44,000 to cover the remaining balance of the machine, transportation to South Sudan, the critical spare parts to have on hand, and the costs associated with the first year of implementing the machine.

We have been so blessed in America to have access to the latest in medical technology while many in South Sudan do not even have access to basic diagnostic equipment like x-ray.  Please consider what you can do to help PCC bring this needed equipment to Memorial Christian Hospital as we continue to bring hope and healing to South Sudan.

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