Memorial Christian Hospital Update


The past 6 months have been very difficult for PCC and our Staff at Memorial Christian Hospital in Werkok.  On December 30, we had to evacuate our Staff and close the MCH due to the 15,000 Rebels in the White Army advancing toward Werkok and Bor.  We sent out many emails asking prayer for a hedge of protection and a legion of angels around MCH and God answered your prayers!!  I believe that these rebels saw angels surrounding MCH as nothing was looted or destroyed as many of the other homes and properties were destroyed in Bor and surrounding communities.  Even though our Staff and PCC have endured struggles these past 6 month, PCC has seen the faithfulness of God in the following ways:

  • He has enabled us to open a clinic in the Capital City of Bor at the Mission Garden of Christ (MGC).
  • We opened a 2 room Clinic in the Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) Camp across the Nile River where 100,000 Sudanese have fled the fighting.
  • We have been treating an average of 130 persons per day in both clinics which has saved many Sudanese lives.
  • The used vehicle that we purchased in 2006 is not repairable, but a donor has contributed $15,000 for another vehicle.
  • The Minister of Health for the Jonglei State, Dr. Angok Kuol Tiir, visited our MCH Staff recently and he told them that the MCH is rated by the Sudanese Public as the number one Hospital in the entire Jonglei State.
  • Due to the increase patient load, PCC is going to hire 2 new Nurses, 2 new Pharmacy Technicians, and a new Lab Technician.  We also are hiring a Sudanese to be in charge of logistics for MCH.  This will enable our Administrator to stay on the MCH Compound to do his job
  • We are planning to reopen MCH in July as there are many patients seen in the clinics who are needing surgery.  We also feel that Sudanese who fled communities to the IDP Camp will feel that security has returned when MCH is reopened.

When PCC was founded in 2004, our goal was to someday turn MCH over to Sudanese leadership.  The PCC Board felt that Rev. Dr. Stephen Mathiang is the Sudanese Leader who is capable of providing the oversight and leadership for MCH.  We have worked with him from our beginning days in 2003.  Pastor Stephen built the Mission Garden of Christ Leadership Training Center in Bor that is just 11 miles from MCH.  When I was with the Staff in Bor in April, I discussed PCC's desire to have MCH be under a Sudanese Non Governmental Organization (NGO).  After much discussion and deliberation, the MCH Staff unanimously agreed with this plan.  PCC will continue to be involved with MCH but will do so as a Supporting Agency.  Pastor Stephen and his NGO Board will be involved with the day to day Administration of MCH.  It has been very difficult for PCC to Administer MCH from a half world away!!  PCC is finishing the first Draft of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and will send that Document next week to Pastor Stephen for his comments and suggestions.  This is the Document that will state how our 2 Organizations will work together as MCH moves forward under Pastor Stephen's Leadership.

Thank you for your prayers and support.  We were not able to begin construction of the Growth Center and a house for our Doctor and Administrator this year.  Please continue to pray for complete security to return to South Sudan so that these important additions can be provided for MCH.


David Bowman