PCC Hospital Opens in Bor Town and Awerial IDP Camp

In response to the lack of security and vacated population around the Memorial Christian Hospital (MCH) in Werkok, the MCH staff have postponed reopening the hospital in Werkok and instead opened temporary clinics in Bor Town at Mission Garden of Christ (MGC) and at the Internally Displaced Person Camp at Awerial.   The Bor town clinic opened in April and the IDP camp clinic in May. MCH is not doing surgeries at this time, but is being kept very busy with the urgent healthcare needs of the community.  The hospital in Werkok will remain closed until the security is improved in Werkok and surrounding villages.

Security in Bor Town has improved and many people are returning to their homes from the IDP camps and the other places to which they fled. Schools and businesses are now opening in Bor Town.  Due to this differential in security it is obvious that for the moment Bor is the best place for the staff to serve the health needs of the people.  Please pray with us that this "fragile" stability in Bor Town continues and stability also returns to the whole area so that all the people may return to their homes.  The team has also rented a building for a temporary clinic in the Displaced Persons Camp across the river and serves the needs of the 100,000 displaced people who have relocated to that area.

The challenge we are facing now is that everything is in short supply at this time. Food, medicine, transportation, are all very hard to come by and very expensive. The only thing there is plenty of is hurting people. The PCC community has responded generously to help us purchase medicine and supplies, and the need continues more now than ever. Malnourishment and disease are rampant in the area and the World Health Organization says that the pregnant women and new born babies are being most adversely affected in the Bor region.