An Answer to Prayer


The PCC board, MCH employees, and the South Sudanese extend special thanks and much appreciation for keeping the hospital in your prayers during this crisis in South Sudan. Your prayers have been answered in so many ways. Jesus said, if we have faith in Him, we can move mountains. God answered your prayers by protecting the hospital when rebels were using Werkok as a base camp to invade Bor. The village of Werkok was burned to the ground but Memorial Christian Hospitals is still standing and the rebels never even ventured into the hospital. MCH was preserved intact and all of the staff reached safety and now are serving the traumatized people of Bor County. This is a direct answer to your prayers for the hospital.

Please continue praying for peace in South Sudan and around the world. The South Sudan government and the rebels have been negotiating their differences in Ethiopia. Pray that the Lord opens their hearts and they find the means to settle their differences and find resolutions that can bring an end to the suffering of their people in South Sudan.