Urgent Need in South Sudan


With rebel forces in control of the state's capitol, 100,000 people have fled the city of Bor to seek shelter in the rural villages. This sudden shift in population has created an emergency situation at Memorial Christian Hospital. Just today at MCH:

  • 10 surgeries for gunshot victims.
  • Thousands of people are camped out and water is scarce.
  • The hospital is out of food.
  • Fuel for the generator will be gone by tonight. (The generator is essential for surgeries.)
  • Drugs and hospital supplies are dangerously low.

Praise to God that two doctors from Bor town are helping Dr. Gai at MCH - but we are still not staffed to handle the influx of patients.

We are working with AIM to arrange for delivery of fuel, food, and medical supplies. Your help is urgently needed now! 

Gifts can be mailed to PCC:

Partners in Compassionate Care 1000 Front Ave NW Grand Rapids, MI 49504

For a secure online donation, visit www.pccsudan.org