Blog Post 11: Day 7 in Werkok, January 20, 2013 - Dana Plair


Sunday morning church service was an exciting time of worship, prayer and praise. The Dinka songs are so upbeat! I found myself dancing as I recorded the congregation. Stuart delivered the sermon, as Deng Alier translated it into Dinka. I loved all of the colorful outfits the women and little girls wore. Some of the girls had on plaited and beaded wigs. They were so precious. Dismissing for Sunday school, under the tree outside, we handed out the paper and crayons I brought. The children had fun drawing to their hearts' content. The teachers told me they love to see the children happy. They asked if we could get more Dinka Bibles and children's Bible stories on felt. This would make them glad.

I told them we would send something from the U.S. There are no markets around with these materials. After church, we had lunch and rested. With only four more days, we knew the week would fly by.