Blog Post 10: Day 6 in Werkok, January 19, 2013 - Dana Plair


Saturday was a sweet day because we got to sleep in. There are no devotions on the weekend. The compound was still busy at work. The young boys from the village came to move boxes and continue cleaning out the 40-foot container. Their reward for helping was a Jesus comic book. Two boys stayed after, sitting with David. It was such a sight to see them looking through the pictures. I wish the books were in Dinka so they could read the story. All the same, the pictures clearly shared the gospel. It was a pictorial story of true love. Our prayer is that these boys and all of the Sudanese will know just how much they are truly loved. I wanted to spend quality time with the two boys, so we played pictionary. I began drawing an animal with short ears, a round face, and stripes. β€œCat!” One of the boys exclaimed. I congratulated him for guessing correctly. The two boys proceeded to copy my version of a cat. I then told them to draw a dog, like our MCH dog David. They did an excellent job portraying him. Then they drew a cow and a house. Two other boys joined us. I drew a man, all four boys guessed correctly and began drawing a man. They are so smart and eager to learn. If you know of any organizations donating school supplies, please let PCC know. We would especially love any Dinka language books. Thank you for partnering with us to provide for these dear children!