Blog Post 4: The Boy in the Yellow Shirt and Tattered Sandals, January 13, 2013. 5:45pm - Dana Plair


He followed Christi, Dave and Stuart in a focused pursuit. I saw him from a distance as I walked with Pattie, a missionary who had served in South Sudan for five years before her new assignment in Bristol, UK. With gentle endearment, Christi ushered him away from the speeding transit buses of Nairobi's rush hour.  He wore a yellow shirt that from the back said,  "KEEP THE PROMISE," in black capital letters. The shirt was frayed and dusty. His sandals worn and torn. Catching up with them, I told him I liked his shirt and asked him what the front if it said. He turned proudly to show me, "STOP AIDS." It compelled me...where did he get a shirt like that? And did he realize what a powerful message he was spreading..."Can I take a picture of you and your shirt? He smiled and posed. His friends showed up by his side too, just in time for a snapshot. I showed them the result and they smiled with glee, laughing, enjoying the sight of themselves in the digital screen. More onlookers came to sneak a peek. All of them were labeled beggars, but I saw them as jubilant children. They shouldn't have to stand on the side of the street looking for their next meal. In their eyes, I saw God's purpose for them. Beggars, no. They are so much more than that. Christi and Stuart took the boy to get some food. They said he ate half of the chicken and rice, saving the rest to take home to his family. He hadn't eaten in three days. This should not be. I wonder what will become of the boy in the yellow shirt and tattered sandals...I believe that one day, he'll become God's messenger. In many ways, he already is.