Blog Post 3: Nairobi Baptist Church January 13, 2013 10:30am - Dana Plair


I love how the sunlight floods the church. Light of the eyes shining forth the dawn of a new day. (The choir sings) "I fix my eyes on You The author of my faith Casting aside every sin and every weight Letting the cares of this world go away One thing I ask, One thing I seek That I may dwell in Your house Oh Lord, my King All the days of my life, I want to gaze upon your beauty And seek You in this holy place."

The blessed oil was dispersed and the elders were set in place for prayer. A sweet spirit of worship fell over the sanctuary, as songs of praise went up to Heaven. The anointing of the Holy Spirit could be felt all over. Like a tingly sensation tugging at my heart, rest enveloped me. I was home.

(The choir sings) "Create in me a clean heart And purify me Create in me a clean heart So that I may worship You."