Blog Post 2: January 13, 2013 12:30am Nairobi, Kenya - Dana Plair


Our team of four was safely united in Amsterdam. We quickly acclimated to the six hour time difference and found a lounge space to rest and catch up before our connecting flight to Nairobi. By the time we boarded our next flight, everyone was in high spirits and eager to see what the trip would hold.  Knowing that God has His hand in all things, I was not surprised to discover that my new seat mate was an anaesthesiologist on mission to Tenwek Hospital in Bomet, Kenya. This same hospital will be sending a surgical team to MCH on January 21st. Mr. Bowman knows several of the doctors and staff well, as they have visited MCH before. Again, new connections were being made and we marvelled at what a small world it truly is.

Landing in Nairobi, we said goodbye to our new friends and made our way to the Mayfield Guesthouse where we will be staying until Monday morning. The local time here as I write this is 1:00am. We have breakfast at 8am and church at 10:45am. After a long and eventful travel day, it is time to turn in. Until next time, keep us in your prayers!

Prayer Requests:

1) For healing rivers to flow through and revitalize the barren land.

2) For hope to arise among the people.

3) For successful surgeries to be performed by the surgical team coming from Kenya.

4) That the hearts of the people would be inviting to the gospel message and many will be saved and rededicate their lives to Christ.

5) That God would give me the words to say when talking with the people and country leaders.

6) That I would be receiving of the lessons God wants to teach me there.

7) That my heart would be full of compassion for the children, especially those orphaned and abandoned by their parents due to the war and genocide.