Blog Post 1: January 11th 5:54pm, New York, NY - Dana Plair


As the rain fell outside my airplane window, the realization hit me...In 7.5 hours I will be halfway around the world in Amsterdam meeting the rest of the team, David Bowman, Stuart Bowman, and Christi Benting. In another 11 hours, we will be in Nairobi. Two days more, we will be in South Sudan, on our way to Memorial Christian Hospital in Werkok. My first encounter with the crisis happening in Southern Sudan occurred on July 18, 2006. It all started with a dream. You can find an excerpt from my journal here:

I met David Bowman August 2012 through a friend's contact with Samaritan's Purse. My dad and I met with him in Grand Rapids, MI and he decided then that I would be going with him to Werkok in January.

A dream six years in the making, I stand at the point of destiny and purpose...what awaits me there? Will I be ready? It seems the years leading up to this mission 'snailed' by, but now the time is racing past me like the frantic beat of my heart...3...2...1...take off!

Beginning my departure, New York City seems so small from 1600 feet above ground. Or maybe its just that I don't feel so small anymore.

With all of the prayers of friends, family, church leaders and worship team members, I know that God has equipped me and our team for this work. He has given us everything we need to accomplish it and be changed in the process. I walk with Him on the straight and narrow path, unaware of what lies ahead, but knowing that He is with me. And honestly, that's all that matters. Join me, as we explore together...