The Smell of America


Since my last post I am happy to report that we have arrived at the Mayfield Guest house with all our equipment and bags in tow. We had to get regular Kenya visa on account of our 4 day stay here but customs was a breeze. Our band now consists of Gary & Shirlene Meernik, Thom Day, my father David and myself. The flights went mostly uneventful except for the part where David decided to start taking his Malarone treatment at the begging of the last leg. By the end of that flight he seemed to be suffering most of the side effects listed. It was a fright for everyone involved but thankful by the next morning he is recovered. Next time we will try taking the drug with food as recommended. The Mayfield is an interesting place, photo below. You immediately meet many folks engaged in various charitable endeavors and interesting discussions occur. One young woman announced that she knew we were Americans because she could smell America. Having just completed a 30 hour travel day I was concerned another aroma responsible. Sensing this she assured me it was a good smell and that she was about the depart for the US herself. I was left unconvinced but with a new title for this post.

I am up 3AM local time on account of the time change but also on the account of the mosquitoes buzzing around the room. This of course reminded me that I am late starting my coarse of meds. My med is different than my fathers for reasons unknown to me. The side effect listed also different and tend to the psychotic side things, not good. Also not so comforting to see the limited trials the drug has had and the fact the the US Army no longer uses it. I told Thom already that just because I go crazy does not mean he gets to leave me in Werkok. Someone has to bring me out straight jacket and all.

This morning Thom displayed for me his impressive arsenal of prophylactic medications, supplements and vitamins. Leaves me feeling under prepared. Life sure can be complicated.

To me the smell of America especially on this day is the smell of the Turkey in the oven. I thinking there is not much chance of that around here but I will still wish all my friends back in the USA a very happy thanksgiving.