Welcome Dr. Gai Abraham!

Memorial Christian Hospital is pleased to introduce you to Dr. Gai Abraham, who was hired in June to replace Dr. Ajak Abraham. Dr. Gai, who is highly skilled in surgery, gynecology, and tropical medicines, comes to us with 20 years of experience. He graduated from University of Alexandra in Egypt in 1987 with an M.D. in General Practice. After initially working in Khartoum, he moved to Yemen where he spent 10 years practicing medicine in hospitals large and small. Since joining us, Dr. Gai has performed 11 surgeries; we expect that number to increase and as more people learn about him. He also initiated an effort to more fully equip our surgical theater and laboratory with basic necessities such as ultrasound and x-ray machines, which he is very capable of operating. Given the lack of these services in the region, MCH could soon become a center of medicine care for the entire state of Jonglei!

In fact, our numbers are already increasing: in July, we had 476 patients–more than double the number in January (211), and our case numbers hit 955, which is more than three times what it was in January (312).