Surgical Team Volunteers at MCH


PCC is blessed to have partner organizations such as World Gospel Mission. Joy Phillips, WGM Area Director for South Sudan, arranged for one of their surgical teams to visit Memorial Christian Hospital in Werkok. These visits are being scheduled for the future as well. Writing about the experience, Joy said, “During our visit the team was able to do 15 major operations and eight minor cases. In resource-limited settings (South Sudan qualifies!) it's always interesting to observe the art of improvisation. No cautery? Cut morecarefully. No OR sheets? Use a gown instead. No muscle relaxant? More ketamine!

“The OR team, including MCH's Dr. Ajak did a great job of giving new life and new hope to the patients. And for the record: the theater at MCH is a great asset!”

One notable surgical case was a young four-year old girl who was born with a bladder anomaly that caused urinary incontinence. Her name actually meant “girl with a deformity,” and she was facing a difficult life as an outcast. But Dr. White was able to redirect her ureters and now this precious child will have a whole new outcome in life. Her parents even chose a new name for her in honor of two women on the team and Joy. Her name is now AnnaJoy.