Operating out of four different locations in South Sudan, Partners in Compassionate Care provide medical services to over 26,000 individuals annually.


When a doctor determines that a patient requires more extensive monitoring or procedures, they are admitted to the hospital for inpatient treatment.


For patients that do not need to be admitted, the clinics and hospital offer a variety of outpatient services including consultations, immunizations and medications.


The clinics offer outpatient services including minor procedures, consultations, immunizations, medications, and refer more serious cases to the hospital.


The operating theater has performed thousands of procedures including hernia repair, C-sections and appendectomies. More serious cases are referred to a major hospital.


Though technicians are currently needed, Memorial Christian Hospital is the only hospital able  to offer ultrasound and x-ray imaging to over one million South Sudanese that surround it.


Memorial Christian Hospital’s pharmacy provides medications to patients, and supplies the pharmacies in the Satellite Clinics in Bor and Malek.


The hospital’s laboratory offers testing for malaria, pneumonia, sexually transmitted diseases, ulcers and other infections.


Full vaccines provided by the government or UNICEF are administered at the hospital.


Food for inpatients at the Hospital and supplementary nutritional assistance for malnourished children are provided by the WFP.