David Bowman: Founder and Chairman

David is a lifelong resident of Grand Rapids and Rockford areas and graduated from Central High School in 1955.  He and his wife Nancy were married in 1957 and have 5 children, 11 grandchildren, and 1 great grandchild.

David became a dental Technician in 1957 and trained in Crown and Bridge Technology. He established Centric Laboratories, a dental lab, in 1984 turning the day to day operations of the organization over to his Son and Son-in-law in 2000 to retire.

Upon retirement, he took the responsibility of being a Dad to five – 17 year old Sudanese Lost Boys to help them learn American culture. In March 2003, he brought Bishop Nathaniel Garang from South Sudan to Grand Rapids so the Lost Boys of our area could reconnect with him. Bishop Nathaniel asked David to come visit South Sudan and make an assessment for building a Hospital there.

David formed Partners in Compassionate Care in November 2003.  He went to South Sudan, along with 8 other individuals from West Michigan, in January 2004 to make an assessment for building a hospital. The dedication of Memorial Christian Hospital (MCH) was held April 5, 2009. Since it’s opening, over 65,000 South Sudanese have been treated and over 2000 surgeries have been performed.  MCH was built where the war started 30+ years ago and also where many of the Lost Boys are from. Since then David has returned to South Sudan 16 times.

Deng Jongkuch, MPH: Executive Director

Deng was born in South Sudan in Bor County. In 1987, when he was only 7 years old, he was separated from his family during the civil war. He spent nearly 15 years either trekking to safety or in refugee camps in Kenya and Ethiopia. In 2001, he was selected along with 3800 other “Lost Boys of Sudan” to come to the United States where he was relocated to San Jose, California.

In June 2008, Deng graduated from San Jose State University with a degree in Health Services Administration and completed graduate studies in 2011 at Touro University with a Masters of Public Health.

Deng first returned to his village in the summer of 2005 and was reunited with his family after 18 years. He was dismayed to find his village in poor condition with no roads, clean water, clinic, or school. He passionately committed to helping re-build villages in need in South Sudan and helped found a California based non-profit organization call “ImpactAVillage.”

In May 2011, PCC hired Deng as Memorial Christian Hospital (Werkok) Administrator. He came to MCH at the time when the hospital was seeing a declining number of patients due to many issues. But God helped him to turned things around at MCH. The number of patients increased from about 15 patients per a day to 90 patients per a day. The number of employees doubled from 12 to 24 at MCH. He wrote a proposal to UNICEF/WHO to supply MCH with immunization Cold Chain and vaccines. He wrote another proposal to the World Food Programme to supply MCH in-patients with food and nutrition supplementary food for malnourished children.