Partners in Compassionate Care began providing medical care to South Sudan in 2006. We continue to this day.
1 X-ray
The one x-ray machine in Memorial Christian Hospital is the only one serving over 1 million people.
This year, over 26,000 patients will be treated at medical facilities funded by Partners in Compassionate Care.
Of every single dollar donated to Partners in Compassionate Care, 93% will go to support South Sudanese.

How do you save thousands? One person at a time.

The spread of malaria in South Sudan means the need for medical care has dramatically increased. Fortunately, medical facilities funded by Partners in Compassionate Care treat a record number of 2,500 patients a month for a range of diseases—including malaria.

Those lives were touched through the generosity of people just like you.

Fund Medicine in South Sudan


In America, we go out on Friday nights with our friends. In South Sudan, many parents spend Friday nights praying that their family will survive till Saturday. They didn’t choose war, poverty and illness, just as we didn’t choose peace, opportunities and health. We give to Partners in Compassionate Care knowing that our contributions can make a huge difference in the life of a child or a family in South Sudan.

~~ Juanita Pekay