economic: Growth Center

The Growth Center is currently under development to help build community and foster independence and self-sufficiency. It will be a center to teach skills like agricultural, chicken-raising and tailoring.

education: Set Free Ministries

Partners in Compassionate Care is working with Dan and Teresa Janzen of Set Free Ministries and local churches in South Sudan to build a school to bring tribes together and teach forgiveness and reconciliation.


agriculture: Peace chix

Peace Chix is a grassroots organization started in response to the current food insecurity situation in South Sudan. Currently, there is no chicken farming present in the country, other than a few family owned chickens found within small villages. The goal of Peace Chix is to bring chicken business training and entrepreneurship first to the women of Malek, South Sudan, and then to other communities. 

Even though civil war has long affected the South Sudanese and their desire for peace, we must press forward in our efforts to bring business opportunities to those who are most marginalized. Our organization seeks to partner with these local communities and people on the ground to create a sustainable opportunity that can flourish and grow over time. We also seek to partner with organizations in the United States who can help us achieve these goals.